Tablets and Sealings in the Lower Town Palace

The Lower Town Palace was excavated in 1985 by Peter Akkermans and Glenn Schwartz, and in 1987 by Peter Akkermans, Julia Frane, Annelou van Gijn, Holly Pittman, and Dominique Parayre. The bulk of the cuneiform archives were retrieved in the 1987 excavation, for which Barbara Porter, the registrar, maintained meticulous tablet lists, Object Cards, and labels of tablet proveniences as provided by the site supervisors. These proveniences were recorded by the site supervisors in their Daily Logs, Lot Sheets, and Lists of Objects. Robert Whiting (1985, 1987) and Jesper Eidem (1987) were the epigraphers who expeditiously produced the catalog list of personal and royal names. All of these records have been checked by Lauren Ristvet for her compilation of the spreadsheet “Tablets and Sealings in the Lower Town Palace.”